Apartment In 2022 cengelkoy

Istanbul ,Çengelköy




155 m²



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installment- cash

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Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy

tahincioglu is one of the greatest construction company in Turkey which is well known for the impressive projects that in had been made, full facilities and high quality equipment are their big feature that make them one of best in this sector.

To experience each and every day with a pleasant memory, most verdant, intact and oldest neighborhood of the bosphorus line; cengelkoy…. You will experience the privilege of conveniently and quickly accessing every corner of Istanbul with the advantageous location of this project.

A natural landscape with Central trees and exquisite view of the bosphorus. A heritage of cengelkoy history with its exquisite view of the bosphorus, this precious life for a breath of fresh air.

Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 

Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 

Where is Apartment In 2022 cengelkoy in Üsküdar?

Üsküdar is located on the Asian side at the entrance to the Bosphorus. Originally, Üsküdar was called Scutari, and it was located between Salacak and Pasalimani neighborhoods, but it expanded during the years, and now it stretches to Ümraniye on the east, to Kadiköy in the south, and to Beykoz in the north. During the Ottoman period, Üsküdar was the third Muslim judgeship of Istanbul, besides Galata and Eyüp. The Muslim people coming from Anatolia resided in Üsküdar after it was taken by sultan Orhan Gazi in 1352. Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror speeded the immigration from Anatolia to Üsküdar.


Apartment In 2022 cengelkoy

Apartment In 2022 cengelkoy


The famous Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi in the 17th century wrote that there were 70 Muslim neighborhoods in Üsküdar and most of the people had emigrated from Anatolia. He also stated that there were 11 Greek and Armenian, one Jewish, and no French neighborhoods in Üsküdar. This gave an ethnic and culturally homogeneous structure to the district, Üsküdar was the center of trade with Anatolia until the railway was installed in the 19th century with Haydarpasa train station. It was also the starting point for trade with Iran and Armenia. All Armenian and Iranian merchants arrived in Üsküdar with their caravans. Therefore, Üsküdar became a trade town in the 16th and 17th centuries.


Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 

Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 


Üsküdar was always a quiet and modest area, its streets and houses were nice and well maintained. Karacaahmet cemetery, the oldest and largest Muslim cemetery in Istanbul, is located in Üsküdar. There are many cypress trees in the cemetery, and with its vegetation, it is more like a park than a cemetery. Every year, people going to Mecca for pilgrimage were sent from Üsküdar. The Surre Alayi which brought the presence of the Ottoman Sultans to Mecca and Medina, governors were also sent from Üsküdar.

Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 

Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 


The Marmara Sea is the means of the transportation for its inhabitants. When you travel by sea to Usküdar, Kizkulesi welcomes you first. This beautiful tower is one of the beauties of Üsküdar and the symbol of Istanbul. When you reach the shore, another important site welcomes you; Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, built by great architect Sinan, who also built the Süleymaniye Mosque. The Sultan Ahmed III fountain at the Üsküdar Square is another important monument. Once at Üsküdar, you can also visit Beylerbeyi Palace or experience a traditional Turkish Bath.


Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 

Apartment In 2022 Çengelköy 


Üsküdar has changed today, like the rest of Istanbul. Unfortunately, nothing much remains of the shore-side palaces built in the 18th century. Its green hills have become cement blocks, loosing its traditional architectural characteristics. Just a few streets with wooden houses with balconies and bow-windows are still alive. The Marmaray station is located right in the square.


Property features

  • city


  • City area


  • building area

    155 m²

  • starting price


  • Property Type


  • constructive


  • Number of bathrooms

    1 Bathrooms

  • rooms

    2+1 , 3+1 , 4+1 ,

  • Delivery time



Walking trails

decorative pools and waterfalls

out/indoor swimming pool

sunbathing deck

observation terraces

children's playground

sport complex






20 minutes to istinye vehicle ferry pier

13 minutes to FSM bridge

35 minutes to Sabiha gokcen airport

5 minutes to Çengelköy square

5 minutes to 15 temmuz bridge


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