Apartment in Avcilar 1

Istanbul ,Avcılar




79 m²



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installment- cash

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Apartment in Avcilar 1

apartment in Avcilar European side of Istanbul with a family concept let you experience peace and joy as you have easy accesses to everything that you need for your daily life, your children can easily have fun in greens area and playground as this project thought about their free time.

Apartment in Avcilar 1

Apartment in Avcilar 1


What facilities you have at apartment in Avcilar?

You can enjoy swimming in hot weather at the summer easily at your elbow, while you can be sure about your safety as your living place have 24/7 hours security and also cameras which guaranteed your protection.

Meanwhile, you have accesses to parking lot without being worried about your car while you are relaxing on your coach, and do not forget some work out every day, no excuse  just go downstairs, and you are at the gym. Apartment in Avcilar Istanbul built on a land of 78,000 m2 which 5,000 m2 of that specified for green area, so you can easily have a walk in the morning or  whenever you want alone or with your beloved there.

Apartment in Avcilar 1

Apartment in Avcilar 1


Where is Avcilar?

To the south of Esenyurt along the Marmara Sea and Küçükçekmece Lake and to the east of the Beylikdüzü area; the Avcilar area in Istanbul is located in the European part of the city. Avcilar is famous for its location adjacent to one of the most vital roads in Istanbul and near the city’s most active urban places, in addition to its proximity to the new Istanbul Canal Project. In our article, we will learn more about the Avcilar area in Istanbul, its geographical location, the advantages of living in the Avcilar area in Istanbul, owning an apartment in it, its most famous tourist attractions, and its distinctive sea views on its beautiful beach.

Apartment in Avcilar 1

Apartment in Avcilar 1


The Avcılar area was established as an independent municipality on the 3rd of June 1992 under Law No. 3806. The population of Avcilar Istanbul today is 448 thousand882 people according to the last census published by the department of population and citizenship in Avcilar in 2019. Avcilar is considered one of the busiest places in the city compared to its area. The word  Avcilar in Turkish means the fishermen, it is attributed to the fishermen who used to live in this area to protect the villages and farms, perhaps this name came from the fact that residents of they are practice marine fishing thanks to its distinctive coastal position on the shore of Küçükçekmece Lake and the Marmara Sea.

Apartment in Avcilar 1

Apartment in Avcilar 1


The natural location of Avcilar forms a bridge and main entrance to the city center of Istanbul from its western side, which made it a strategic place and an important point of defense throughout the history of the city, that is why the area’s name has long been associated with the attacks on the city from the west side, where the Ottoman forces were keen to supply Küçükçekmece area  Küçükçekmece in the Turkish language  with soldiers to defend the capital of the Ottoman caliphate.

Apartment in Avcilar 1

Apartment in Avcilar 1


After that, the area gained additional importance for being located on the Istanbul-Europe road. Some old Ottoman architectures are still there, including the Royal Fishing Inn, telling about the historical importance of the area. In the other hand we have istanbul canel project which is to play an important role in the real estate in this area, as by the time of finnishing this project the prices will be extrimly high, and yet we see increases day by day.

Property features

  • city


  • City area


  • building area

    79 m²

  • starting price


  • Property Type


  • constructive


  • Number of bathrooms

    0 Bathrooms

  • rooms

    1+1 , 3+1 , 4+2 , 5+2 ,

  • Delivery time



security camera

24/7 security

green area

play ground


fitness salon

in/out door swimming pool

lobby concierge

football yard

basketball court

Turkish bath



2 minutes to metrobus

2 minutes to E5 highway

5 minutes to k.cekmece

5 minutes to shopping malls

5 min to schools

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