Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Istanbul ,Kadıköy




81 m²



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Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Imagine a life that is… In the heart of the Anatolian side, in the midst of

peace… Beyond expectations, next to needs…in the focus of

investment, in the midst of luxury and prestige with amazing city and

sea view, at the meeting point of the advantages of transportation… in

the center of life, in the middle of Istanbul…

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul … a Rising in Istanbul’s most valuable

place, Kadıköy Fiktepe, located in the middle of everything you dream of

and waiting to be yours… Because of its central location, you can easily

reach wherever you want, so you can find everything you need without

difficulty, the only thing you won’t find here is that you already know that

there will be times when you will explode from boredom. And the

reason is very simple. Elite concept has so many areas of social activity

that will add color to your life. Which one you spend more time on is

entirely up to you…

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

beyond time, in the middle of Istanbul

An architecture that goes beyond time with its line, detail and texture. A

design that will add value to the silhouette of Kadıköy with its special

facade structure. Every corner and square meter is a project designed

for you to live an elite life. A concept in which all the hardware included

in its architecture is selected and placed with the rigor of the jeweler.

90% glass panoramic facade, which makes it possible to watch the

magnificent view of Istanbul without interruption from central air

conditioning system to built-in kitchen, smart home technology. Private

car, metro, Metrobus, bus or ferry… no matter how you come, all roads

lead to Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul. Rising at a point where not only

highways but also different transportation alternatives intersect, it is

very ambitious in removing the transportation problem from your life

with its central location. Imagine, when you leave your house, you reach

the Bosphorus Bridge in 5-6 minutes, Baghdad Street and Kadıköy

beach in 6-7 minutes, and Sabiha Gokcen Airport in 20-25 minutes. If

this is not easy access, I don’t know what is.

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

kadikoy Istanbul

Apartment in Kadıköy heart of the Anatolian side, middle of Istanbul

Kadıköy has a different meaning and importance for everyone… for

some, the historic railway station and the gate of Anatolia that once

opened to Istanbul… for some, the ferry horns that dock at the pier are

a unique melody of life created by the sounds of gulls… For some,

shopping on Baghdad street or the famous Tuesday market… for some,

a healthy life run on the beach against the islands… a walk along a long

thin Street accompanied by nostalgic tram bells… yellow, dark blue, bull,

fashion, intersection of roads and meeting point of lovers… Kadıköy is

the center of entertainment, culture, shopping, investment and, of

course, life


Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Apartment In Kadıköy Istanbul

Property features

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  • City area


  • building area

    81 m²

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  • constructive


  • Number of bathrooms

    1 Bathrooms

  • rooms

    1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 ,

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swimming pool

sauna and jacuzzi

fitness salon

parking lot

shopping center

green area


24/7 security



1 minutes to E5 highway

10 minutes to Kadıköy ferry

25 minutes to sabiha Gogcen  airport

1 minutes to metro and metrobus

9 minutes to Avrasya tunnel

6 minutes to bosphorus bridge

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