Flat In Kartal Istanbul

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58 m²



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Flat In Kartal Istanbul

Waking up in a green environment every morning, Greeting the day from the point where

you can breathe the most fresh air in Istanbul. Being able to take a look on the Princess

Islands from the highest point of Istanbul,Spending time as much as you want

in the nature with your beloved ones without having to leave the city,

and starting a brand new life in a safe neighbourhood with your family… We designed

living spaces for you to live your most precious moments with your beloved ones.With

our earthquake-proof structural design, a healthy environment awaits you where you will

live safely with your family.

Flat In Kartal Istanbul



Facilities of the Flat In Kartal Istanbul

A peaceful life awaits you with its social areas, shops, modern architecture, panoramic

view, spacious flats from 1+1 to 3+1 Loft!

Enjoy the privilege of walking and jogging on site at any time of the day and stay fit.


yo can also relax in the indoor swimmung pool anytime of the day that you wish or if you

prefer you can easily spend your timr at the gym under your elbow.



There are two rumors about the origin of the name of Kartal district: The first one is that

it comes from a fishing village named “Kartalimen” which was established in the 6th

century. The second rumor is that it comes from Aydos Hill, which means “Eagle” in

Greek and is located in this region. In the archaeological excavations carried out here,

many artifacts from the Byzantine, Anatolian Seljuk and Ottoman Empire periods were



Aydos Forest, one of the rare forest areas in Istanbul, welcomes many visitors with its

magnificent natural beauty and clean air. With a height of 537 meters, it is the highest

point in Istanbul and has a unique view. This area, which includes Aydos Pond and Aydos

Castle, is a unique place for those who do sports, walks or picnics.


The castle, which served as the entrance point to Istanbul from the east, covers an area

of 26,000 sqm starting from its outer walls and is located on the 325 m high extension

of Aydos Hill. It is thought that the construction of the castle was first started in the 11th

or 12th century. Two fortifications as inner and outer; There are six towers on the inner

defense wall and seven towers on the outer wall. Orhan Gazi assigned his valuable

commanders such as Abdurrahman Gazi, Akça Koca and Konur Alp to conquer the

Aydos Castle, which is a very important defense point. Abdurrahman Gazi and his

soldiers captured the castle with the help of the daughter of the castle landlord. After the

capture of Izmit in 1337, the castle lost its importance and was destroyed again by

Orhan Gazi.


Where is Kartal?

Located on the Asian side south-eastern part of Istanbul, Kartal has neighbour districts

named Maltepe, Sancaktepe, Sultanbeyli and Pendik. Having a long coastline along the

Sea of Marmara, Kartal is a popular destination for people to enjoy this characteristic.

The population of the district is around 500,000 people.


Now, Kartal is quiet and calm area where families with children prefer to live in. Being a

secure district, Kartal responds almost all the needs of inhabitants. Being visited highly

on the weekends’ one can find a lot to do like having walk, riding bike, having meal at

restaurants or drinking beer or coffee at cafes along the sea. Dragos shore is famous of

having one of the most beautiful views of Prince Islands.


Property features

  • city


  • City area


  • building area

    58 m²

  • starting price


  • Property Type


  • constructive

    2B global

  • Number of bathrooms

    1 Bathrooms

  • rooms

    1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 ,

  • Delivery time



Outdoor swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool
Children play ground
Children swimming pool
Fitness and Pilates Center
Caffe and Restaurant
Walking and Running path
Indoor Parking Lots


10 minutes to IDO pendik

5 minutes to metro station

12 minutes to maemaray station

15 mintes to sabiha gokcen airport

8 minutes to aydos forest

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