Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022
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Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022

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Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022

Sisli is one of the major 39 districts of Istanbul on the European side of the city.

Although not by the sea, it’s located at the exit from the Bosphorus Bridge that links

Asia to Europe. Its total area is about 30 square kilometers and is considered to be a

new settlement flourished after mid-19th century to the north of Taksim Square.

Şişli Area In Istanbul

History of Şişli Area In Istanbul

Around the 17th century there were only graveyards in Sisli and not much

settlement. In the 18th century vineyards, barley fields and several gardens rose in

Sisli center and Mecidiyeköy neighborhoods. Other buildings followed in the 19th

century, especially with the construction of Feriköy and Bomonti breweries and

Children’s hospital in 1898. During those years, many non-Muslims and immigrants

moved to Sisli forming a rich mosaic in the district. Besides rich villas and houses,

Darulaceze elder & poor house was built near Okmeydani in 1895. Rapid

development followed when Sisli had the first electric tram in 1913 and many

apartment blocks were built around 1920s. One of the earliest house examples of

Sisli is the House of Atatürk which is a museum now.

Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022

Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022

Şişli Area After Republic

After the Republic, Sisli became one of the most elite neighborhoods of Istanbul

amongst upper-class local people, foreigners and non-Muslims. There are many

old mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish synagogues in the district. Lately it

became also one of the small business and finance centers of Istanbul, especially

with some high rises and modern shopping malls such as Cevahir Mall, one of the

biggest in Europe. Several hotels also do exist in the district.

Some other important buildings, venues and locations in Sisli district are; military

museum, Cemal Resit Rey and Lutfi Kirdar concert halls and exhibition centers,

movie and stage theaters, university faculties, Ali Sami Yen football stadium

of Galatasaray, exquisite shops at Rumeli street and Nisantasi, fine restaurants and

bars in Macka neighborhood, Tesvikiye area, and so on. Istanbul Mayor’s house is

also in this district, at Valikonagi.

Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022

Şişli Area In Istanbul 2022


Sisli is a center for business and shopping, thanks to its convenient public transport

services and modern infrastructure.

The main road in Sisli reaches the skyscrapers lined in Mecidiyekoy, Gayrettepe,

Levent and surrounding neighborhoods.

Here is the famous Cevahir Istanbul Mall, the largest shopping mall in Europe and

the second-largest shopping mall in the world!

Due to the long-standing historical relationship between Sisli and the high social

classes, the sumptuous character of most of its neighborhoods, the area is home

to many luxury brands globally, particularly in the elegant district of Nisantasi.

People also come to Sisli for education and follow up on its latest methods; it has

some of Istanbul’s most well-known high schools and many training centers. There

are also evening and weekly schools where college and high school exams are


Sisli District

Sisli District Today

After many residents moved beyond Istanbul’s historical borders, the region’s major

buildings became companies, banks and supermarkets.

In the 1970s, most old buildings were modernized, some replaced by modern multi-

storey buildings.

The backstreets are still residential, and many working-class families and students

have settled here. As in most parts of Istanbul, the number of people living and

working in these blocks is a challenge to existing infrastructure projects; for

example, finding a parking spot for your car in the old district of Sisli is not easy!

But for Sisli residents, the spirit of the place and history, represented by many

authentic shops, cafés and facilities, make life an absolute pleasure, which any other

option cannot replace.

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