Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022
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Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

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Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

Usküdar is located on the Asian side at the entrance to the Bosphorus. Originally

Üsküdar was called Scutari, and it was located between Salacak and Pasalimani

neighborhoods, but it expanded during the years, and now it stretches to Ümraniye

on the east, to Kadiköy in the south, and to Beykoz in the north.


During the Ottoman period, Usküdar was the third Muslim judgeship of Istanbul,

besides Galata and Eyüp. The Muslim people coming from Anatolia resided in

Usküdar after it was taken by sultan Orhan Gazi in 1352. Sultan Mehmed the

Conqueror speeded the immigration from Anatolia to Usküdar. The famous Turkish

traveler Evliya Çelebi in the 17th century wrote that there were 70 Muslim

neighborhoods in Usküdar and most of the people had emigrated from Anatolia. He

also stated that there were 11 Greek and Armenian, one Jewish, and no French

neighborhoods in Usküdar. This gave an ethnic and culturally homogeneous

structure to the district.

Üsküdar Area In Istanbul


What To Do In Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022 ?

uskudar is one of the touristic area in the Istanbul which normally been ignoring as it

has more local lie inside, but if you are one of those people who travel to touch the

living of native people; do not miss uskudar. There are many things that you can do,

but let’s start from places that you must visit:

Mihrimah sultan mosque 

it is one of the most famous mosque of this area which is architected by great

mimar sinan. It is also known as wharf mosque.


Kiz kulesi

it is one of the most popular and famous palaces in Istanbul,  which has lots of

stories and myths; located on a small island in the middle of the bosphorous.

It is said that one day there was a king who loved his daughter very much, a fortune-

teller told the king that the girl would die from a snake bite before she was eighteen

years old. The king, who could not bear the death of his daughter in any way, sent her

to a small island far from everyone when she was a child to be safe from snakes.

The tower was in fact the residence of the girl until the age of eighteen. During that

time, the king alone had the right to visit his daughter. On her eighteenth birthday, the

emperor brought his daughter a basket of fruits from far away countries. But there

was a snake hiding in the fruit and bit the girl, and she died at the age of eighteen.

Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

Beybeyler palace 

it was the summer residence of the ottoman kings in the sixties of the nineteenth

century. It is so similar to dolma bahce palace; in addition to its historical aspect, it is

also important in terms of architectural.


Cengelkoy Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

Cengelkoy is a busy seaside district north of Uskudar after Kuzguncuk and

Beylerbeyi, surrounded by centuries-old plane trees and magnificent homes. It’s a

place where you can get a taste of life on the Bosphorus. Visitors may take a break

at the Cinaralti Mosque, the Cengelkoy Fountain, and the many seafood restaurants

and cafés around the ferry terminal. Visitors may also go to the lively Cengelkoy

Square. At the famous historical Cinaralti Tea Garden, you may relax and sip your tea

at any time of day while taking in beautiful views of Istanbul.

Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

Üsküdar Area In Istanbul 2022

Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill, located on Istanbul’s Asian side, is a great leisure and tourist site.

Camlica Hill offers breathtaking views of the city. The hill is the highest point in

Istanbul, rising 265 meters above sea level, and offers the best views of the city.

There are also a variety of cafés and restaurants where you can sit back and enjoy

the view. 


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