SIM cards in Turkey 2022
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SIM cards in Turkey 2022

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last update: 14 June 2022

SIM cards in Turkey 2022

We recommend this if you strongly will need to make and receive calls and have internet

access during your trip to Istanbul,and will stay at least 1 week, 10 days or more. The good

thing is that SIM cards in Turkey 2022 are generally not too expensive depending on how much data you

will use and how long you will stay. And they offer good coverage.

SIM cards in Turkey 2022

All About GSM companies

The bad thing is that you’ll need to spend time and big effort to choose the best deal, high

charges if you exceed data, and possible troubles with the GSM companies. We also

recommend you to make sure if your phone is unlocked and will work with Sim cards in Turkey 2022 from

any carriers, before your trip. You can check this with your GSM provider. Also note that

all foreign phones will stop working after 120 days that they are first used in Turkey.

You can continue using only after you pay a registration fee.Finally we can say that there

are two good options for travelers when buying a Turkey SIM card in Istanbul: Pay-as-you-

go or Prepaid Turkish SIM cards. We’ll guide you on these two options below, but first lets

talk about the Turkish GSM operators. There are only three GSM providers in Turkey that can

set you up with a SIM card in Turkey 2022 and data plan. And these include VodafoneTurkcell and Turk

Telekom. All the operators mostly have a good coverage and speed for Istanbul. They all

offer a variety of plans, but kind of a little bit more expensive than the similar to those found

elsewhere in Europe. Vodafone and Turkcell competes, while Turk Telekom is a smaller

company by means of number of customers and infrastructure. And, according to Turkish

law, all SIM cards in Turkey have to be registered, and can only be purchased with a valid passport.

They all offer plans with different amounts of data use.

Pay-as-you-go plans refer to prepaid plans with consumable minutes instead of a non-

contract service plan. You purchase minutes and top up as necessary. You need to top

up your plan in certain amount of time, which is 180 days for Turkey.

Prepaid plans charge you a set amount of money monthly for a specific amount of talk, SMS

and data/internet. They do not require a contract (you will need to make a contact in Turkey,

just by your valid passport) and you only pay for what you get in advance. If you finish your

quota, the phone becomes disconnected from service.


SIM cards in Turkey 2022


Where can I buy SIM Cards in Turkey 2022 ?

You can purchase both Pay-as-you-go and Prepaid Turkey SIM cards from the Turkish GSM

Operators’ official stores located at the Istanbul Airports on arrival floors, the major

transport stations, major streets and neighborhoods of Istanbul.

As the stores at the Istanbul Airports are dedicated to tourists, you may find lots of

information about the deals in big letters/posters, or negotiate with the store sellers that will

definitely speak good English. So that you won’t need to spend a lot of time with finding the

right shop (city shops are mostly dedicated for locals) that have enough offers shown for

tourists and store sellers that speak good English.

On the other hand, the tourist packages at the airports may cost more than the standard

local rates in the downtown. If you have a local friend, or have enough skills and power to

make negotiations with the store sellers, you can try purchasing your Prepaid Turkey SIM

card with the best package that suits your needs in the downtown.

At the end of our article  ” SIM cards in Turkey 2022 ” I wish you a good stay

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